NetClassroom  navigation

Log into NetClassroom via the Hermits’ website, Student Menu or from NetCommunity. Direct link is . NetClassroom logs off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Note: Only Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers are supported at NetClassroom.

To get your schedule, use the Registration menu, Schedule item

In NetClassroom,  Use Classes menu, Class details for assignments and other class related information.


On the Class details page, choose appropriate options.


Tune your NetClassroom experience via the My Settings menu. Don’t forget to click Save when finished.



NetClassroom uses Pop-ups to present information and report cards. Your Browser needs to be trained to allow Pop-ups.  Each Browser does this in a unique way. Use the Help menu or a family techie to adjust for Pop-up allowance.



You are encouraged to explore the various menus and options. You can’t break anything by rummaging around in NetClassroom.

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